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Tourist company “Davranov-Travel”

The tourist company “Davranov-Travel” was established as an independent juridical person in 1992. Today it is a well-known company in realms of tourist and transport business in Russia and other countries.

Stability and reliability. “Davranov-Travel” is one of the leading tour operators in Russia. Due to many years experience of stable work in a realm of tourist services the company has an established reputation in our country and abroad.

Competence. The company has been specializing in tourism more than 20 years, improving the tourist produce and methods of working every year:

-         Carefulness and responsibility in making tourist produce;

-         Responsiveness of regular clients’ opinions and comments;

-         Regular participation in international tourist exhibitions. “Davranov-Travel” arranges reception and service of foreign tourists and businessmen in Russia and in the territory of CIS countries.

Quality and guarantee. The company “Davranov-Travel” is well-known of its traditional high quality of service:

-         We make high demands of partners;

-         We have our own fleet of  buses;

-         We have only licensed professional foreign languages speaking guides.

The company “Davranov-Travel” offers a wide choice of excursions: more than 50 excursions along Saint Petersburg and suburbs (Pushkin, Petergof, Pavlovsk), Pskov, Novgorod and etc.

We organize excursions by hydrofoils on the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, trips by hydrofoils to Petergof, Kronshtadt, Shlisselburg).

The company makes also reservations of different hotels, airplane and railway tickets, transfers.

We do everything to ensure the highest possible comfort for our tourists and to make their rest unforgettable.

Bus tours

Excursions by comfortable buses.


Tours in Saint-Petersburg

An unforgettable trip to St. Petersburg, the neighborhood, its cultural life and history. From our list of suggestions for excursions in St. Petersburg, you can find tours suited to your mood and make a trip to the northern capital.


City tour

On Sightseeing bus tour you will see the major architectural masterpieces of St. Petersburg, Neva embankments beautiful and majestic palaces, unique bridges and grids, wonderful monuments and cathedrals.


Peterhof, The Great Palace, park

It is a jewel of the Russian art, a town of parks, palaces and fountains. It was built by the order of Peter the Great to commemorate the victory of Russia over Swedish troops in the Northern War.


Pushkin, Catherine Palace

It is a fascinating monument of the world's architectural and gardening art. Peter the Great ordered to construct the small palace for his wife, future empress Catherine I.


Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Catherine Palace, Pavlovskiy Palace

This tour combines visits to two amazing suburb of St. Petersburg: Pushkin, owes its fame to the genius of Russian literature, Pushkin and many wonderful people, and Pavlovsk, unique palace and park ensemble.

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Saint-Petersburg, Karavannaya - 1, office 231

+7 (812) 312 46 62

+7 (812) 571 86 94